History and timeline of Trakai school

Trakai Vytautas Didysis gymnasium

1409 First School in Trakai
1974 Secondary Comprehensive School started to work having separated Trakai boarding school into 2 independent schools: Boarding School and Secondary School.
1982 Trakai Secondary School moved to the new building, which it currently occupies. Students can choose to take Secondary School classes or study and take part in Gymnasium classes and activities
1990 Trakai Secondary School was given the name of Vytautas Magnus Gymnasium
1998 Trakai School is both a Secondary School and Vytautas Magnus Humanities and Realities Gymnasium.


Programs of study

  • Languages: Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, French, Latin
  • Sciences: Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  • Art and Culture
  • History
  • Special Courses: Healthy Manners, Economics, Ecology, Non European Civilizations, Computer Classes, Journalism, School Museum Course, Lithuanian Literature, World Literature
  • Students study from 5 to 8 lessons a day. Approximately 12 subjects in their programs.

Extracurricular, activities and programs

  • Student Disco: There is a student Disco every Friday night run by students. On special occasions there are programs prepared by students.
  • School Radio Station: The school radio station was started and run by students. Information about school functions, interviews with students and teachers were typical topic discussions on the radio station.
  • Student Seym: Seym is a student run governing organization. Seym was started 6 years ago and each year a new president of the organization is elected on December 19.
  • Student Exchanges: Trakai Vytautas Magnus Gymnasium has close relations with schools in Holland and Sweden. Each year students share their experiences for a week in the fall and spring. Students travel to Lithuania and Lithuanian students travel to other countries.

Special events

  • The 1st of September - The Day of Knowledge
  • Carnival: During winter holidays on December 28th a carnival takes place. Students perform a dance or short show, miming to a specific theme. Santa Claus is the honorable guest and there are contests for students and teachers to participate in.
  • Ordination of the Gymnasium 9 graders: this tradition started 3 years ago and it a day of fun activities welcoming and making the first graders official students of the Gymnasium classes.
  • Goodness Week: This celebration started in 1999. Goodness week lasts a week and students and teachers participate in doing kind things for their fellow students or teachers. Cards and gifts are given and received by many. This week helps teachers to have better relations in and out of the classroom.
  • 100 days festival takes place at the end of January when only 100 days are left for the 12 graders till they finish school.
  • Weeks of the Lithuanian and Foreign languages - during the year.
  • Lectures: Once a month a special presenter is invited to present and discuss a specific theme, which is of interest to students and teachers.
  • The Last Bell - the end of the school year.

School layout

4 Floors
4 Halls: Sports Hall, School Hall, Dance Hall, Disco Hall
Historical Museum
Library and Reading Room

Quick facts

Location: Trakai is 25 km from Vilnius

Students: 841 in both Secondary and Gymnasium classes

Teachers: 60 total, 20 of them are senior teachers, 17 are methodologists and 1 expert.

Headmistress: Elvyra Janušauskienė

Contact information

Vytautas Didysis Gymnasium
Birutes 48
4050 Trakai
Phone numbers:
Headmistress: Elvyra Janušauskienė + 370 38 55676
Assistants: Valdas Jasiūnas +370 38 55671
Regina Bartusevičienė + 370 38 55672
Comenius 1 Coordinator: Danguole Januškevičienė + 370 2 434050

Atnaujinta: 2024-02-13
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